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about 3 years ago

[ACTION REQUIRED]: GrizzHacks 5 Swag and Prize Shipping Information Form


Thank you for your patience regarding GrizzHacks 5 swag and prizes. Here’s where we are:

The Good News: We know how we’re going to ship everyone their prizes and swag (yay!). We’ll be shipping prizes directly to you via Amazon. Stickers and t-shirts will go through the MLH fulfillment center. We’ll let you know once that makes it to us from our vendors, and then to MLH to ship out.

The Bad News: Not everyone fully registered and filled in accurate shipping information. Sadly, our best excel formula wizardry has not helped us conjure up the missing shipping addresses, or given us clairvoyance enough to find each user’s Devpost project.

What We Need from You: Please complete the form at by Friday, October 30th at 11:59 PM EST.

Note: You’ll probably receive this email from multiple sources, but you only need to fill out the form once.

Thank you once again for your patience!


The GrizzHacks Team